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The Journey

Somatic healing has been an integral part of my growth and expression for many years. These life changing healing arts have had a profound affect on my physical, emotional and mental well being. I found somatic therapy

at a time in my life when I was sick, scattered and grieving. As a teen, dance helped me safely and authentically share my voice and step in to my power.

What could not be said in words was given an outlet through choreography and creative expression. As an adult, yoga, reiki and elemental wisdom trickled in to guide me further. The journey continues, as I find myself constantly coming back to these practices to move through the impermanence and lessons of life. 

I am blessed to share my experience and knowledge with students from the

ages of 3-65. I began my teaching in public schools, working in performing arts

and physical education. I then traveled to Thailand, annually, where I immersed myself in the yogic studies and lineages of Ashtanga, Prenatal, Nidra, Vinyasa, Yin and

5 Elements Wisdom according to TCM. My scope of teaching continues to expand as I am an avid student of energetic, elemental and somatic studies.

Deeper exploration and application of these studies has greatly helped me move through sadness, joy, anger, rigidity, acceptance and everything in between.

What wisdom and healing does your journey hold? I look forward to

supporting you along the way.  

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